I am delighted with Sunflower Soaps. I use the face soaps in all the rooms in my Bed and Breakfast. The guests love the mild scents. I have used the body butter when I feel like spoiling myself. The fact that these luxurious products are made here in Ottawa from simple ingredients is an added bonus. I would highly recommend Sunflower Soaps. Once you discover all the products you will never look back. — M. O'Kelly

The best soaps available, and the only ones that I use!
— S. Lafond
I'm a big fan of these soaps. The Lavender Patchouli is my favorite, I use it when I have a bath before sleep, the day after my bathroom smells amazing. It feels so silky and moisturizing on the skin. The Naked Gaze unscented I buy for people who are going through health challenges that make their skin and senses sensitive and raw, like some of the cancer treatments can. I always get positive feedback about how soothing it is. Also, these soaps are beautiful to look at, pleasing colours and shape. Highly recommend.
— J. Mappin

Highly recommend Sunflower Soaps! I prefer natural soap made locally but my skin is too sensitive to tolerate strong fragrances. This company offers a scent-free soap that is reasonably-priced, completely natural, lathers beautifully, and didn't bother my sensitive skin at all. Thank you Sunflower soaps!
— J. McPhee

All of Debbie's soaps are amazing. I live in BC and my mom (a friend of Debbie's) mails me bars and gets everyone bars for Christmas. They last me the whole year. I have tried other handmade soaps and nothing compares. The scents are beautiful, natural, and the soap itself leaves my skin feeling moisturized and clean. Thank you Debbie/Sunflower soaps ❤
— C. Minns

I have been using this soap for years. The scents are wonderful - At First Blush is my favourite. With delicate and now mature skin I've always been very careful with soap - this soap is gentle and longer-lasting than other artisanal soap I've tried. Also love the linen spray.
— N. Schiebel

I love these handmade soaps. They smell so good and make my skin feels so soft!!!!
— V. St-Onge

I love sunflower soaps! Well made and beautifully packaged. It's my four daughter's favourite soap.
— L. Minns

We like Sunflower Soaps for our own use and also as a great way to ship gifts directly to friends and family. "Eu La La" (eucalyptus and lavender) is one of our favourites.
— M. Paterson